The Hypnotist Collector: An Estonian/Spanish Art Exchange


“Estonia and Spain are separated by thousands of kilometers. As geographically opposite poles of heterogeneous Europe – North and South – they possess very different historical, cultural and artistic trajectories. Until a little less than two decades ago, they belonged to different worlds with the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic hidden behind the Iron Curtain in the Eastern Bloc, and Spain aligned with the seemingly capitalist and democratic ideals of the Western Bloc of Europe. On an artistic level, a superficial glance at this world of the early 1980s, divided into blocs, would set Estonia in the framework of official socialist state commissioned art linked to the occupying Soviet regime, and Spain into a production framework linked to the logics of postmodernism as a dominant cultural paradigm. While there is some truth in this simplistic vision, it requires certain historical nuances with artistic freedom as the litmus test that reveals the everyday reality of different social conditions.”

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The Hypnotist Collector – Estonian Contemporary Art in Barcelona

6.06 – 28.06 2014

NauART Gallery

Barcelona, Spain

Erki Kasemets 

Marge Monko

Eva Sepping

Katarina Meister

Kristina Norman

Jaanus Samma

Varvara Guljajeva

Mar Canet

Curator: Stacey Koosel

Special Events:

Wednesday June 4th, 19.00 Artist and Curator Talk

Friday June 6th, 19.00 Exhibition Opening Event

Address: C/Espronceda nº 154 (Barcelona)


Teléfono: 93 498 28 20